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Commander-AT5 Model

sterling portable commander-at5

  • Battery Powered Complete System
  • 15.1″ 1024×768 LCD Display
  • Offers 3x PCI-E (x8) or 3x PCI-X slots
Defined as the new standard solution for rugged portables, the Commander-AT5 is a slim design battery powered portable. This all-in-one model is a great mobile solution offering 2 full length PCI or PCI-X slots. It is the smallest lunchbox computer on the market accommodating a 15.1″ LCD screen for a truly satisfying viewing experience. This unit comes as a complete system.

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Aztec-ATX6 Model

sterling portable aztec-atx6

  • Lightweight ABS Plastic Design
  • 17.1″ 1280×1024 LCD Display
  • Meets airline standards for carry-on
This case has a durable ABS plastic outer shell with an anodized inner liner. The Aztec-ATX6 features an ATX mainboard design which can handle all the newest processors. It comes in a 17.1″ 1280×1024 display. This product is the lightest of the large screen lunchbox portable computers. This is the only large ATX Case that meets airline standards for carry-on luggage.

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Apollo-A3 Model

sterling portable apollo-a3

  • Rugged All Aluminum Case Design
  • 21.5″ 1920×1080 LCD Display
  • (5) 51/4 or (10) 31/2 Drive Bays
The Apollo-A3 comes in a 21.5 inch 1920×1080 LCD display. The Apollo-A3 model is a robust all aluminum construction lunchbox portable computer. The Apollo-A3 is truly a portable server due to the case design being able to use most motherboards from all manufacturers. This unit offers (5) 51/4 drive bays or (10) 31/2 inch drive bays for expandability.

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Most portable computers or lunchbox style units are imported from Taiwan. The original designs were setup in the united states, but the cost to manufacture these units is much less in Taiwan. These are not mass produced products thus the cost has to be somewhat controlled. We at Sterling have been purchasing the units from United States distributors. In recent years distributors have been offering completed customized portable pc’s. competing against their own customers. This is why many Portable computer builders like Sterling have had to adjust to these changes. At sterling we have been trying to exploit the power and drive space component of our portables. Our portable NAS/SAN unit is but one example. We are also expanding our offering into a 3 screen Portable computer with expanded drive space and multi core power.

Since it founding Sterling has always had the best warranty available. This is an area that all competitors have been afraid to match. Please examine our portable pc line up and be aware that a custom request is welcome to meet your requirements. Simply click on the link below to visit our website showcasing all the portable computers.

Portable Highlights

All In One Design Portable PC

Up to 21.5" 1920x1080 Display

Dual Processors Available

Multiple Full Length Slots

Multiple Drive Bays Available

ATX and EATX Mainboards

Notebook Highlights

Semi Rugged Laptops

Case offers Magnesium Alloy

Meets Military Standard 810G

Anti shock mounting case design

Spill resistant keyboard

Protected smart battery

RS232 Serial port

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